precinct: Sundiving comet and solar corona, photographed by SOHO, 20th December 2010.

24 frames, inverted, over 15 hours. The comet is destroyed as it dives into the Sun’s corona. Increased density of stars at bottom left is the edge of the plane of the Milky Way, which the Sun passes through in late December.

Image credit: NASA/SOHO. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

Anime/Manga Recommendation: Naoki Urasawa’s MONSTER

In 2006, I would say I built up a great library of anime. Classic anime! Critically acclaimed anime. I thought, “I have it all. There is NO other anime that needs to be in my collection. It is perfect…” That was until I witnessed one of the best anime series ever made, Naoki Urasawa’s MONSTER.

One, I was taken aback by the beautiful animation and realistic characterizations. This isn’t some MOE anime with tons of anime tropes, this was a real mystery. A mystery on the level of some Stephen King, or Thomas Harris novel. I have never seen anything like this in anime. I mean, the characters are completely relatable. You instantly get caught up in the intrigue and mystery. This is too good to be true!

The anime goddess blessed me that first day I watched Monster. The tension you get when watching the series is palpable. This series was better written than a good majority of live action movies and tv shows! Hell, this can easily be translated into a live-action series! It’s that good!

MONSTER is about a young, world class surgeon named, Dr. Kenzō (Ken) Tenma. He is a neurosurgeon, and superstar in his field. He’s handsome, practically rich, has a beautiful fiancée (who happens to be the Hospital directors daughter), and is even in line for a promotion to become Chief of Surgery at his hospital. Life couldn’t get any better. Unfortunately, Tenma has morals and ethics, and begins to question the politics of the hospital.



One day, two twins (a brother and a sister, age 10) were admitted to the hospital. One of the twins, the boy, was shot in the head, while the girl was completely traumatized. While Tenma is preparing to operate on the little boy, the mayor of Düsseldorf is brought into emergency. The director, Udo Heinemann, Tenma’s boss and future father in law demands that he save the Mayor instead of the young boy. Tenma refuses, and works on the boy, saving his life in the process. Of course the Mayor dies, and that leads to Tenma falling out of grace with everyone in the hospital.

He loses his fiancée, his promotion, and even his social status. But, this doesn’t deter Tenma, he believes he has done the right thing, even though he wrecked his career. One day, Director Heinemann and other’s in Tenma’s career path, suddenly die. Not only that, the twins disappear with no trace. While the police suspect Tenma, there isn’t any evidence to prove this, so the case goes unsolved.

Cut to 9 or 10 years later, Tenma is Chief of Surgery and has achieved his career path. One day, a patient who is being questioned IN a string of murders, is in Tenma’s care. As Tenma goes to check on his patient (who is under police protect custody), the cop is dead. He sees his patient running from the room window, and decides to give chase. From there, Tenma’s life is completely turned upside down, and a complex world of mystery, murder, and intrigue begins.

I cannot recommend this anime enough. It is truly a classic!

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H2S: Anime/Manga Watch!!!!

So, this is an series I just heard about called, Terra Formars (Get it? Terraform Mars)


Basically, Nasa sends roaches to mars in order to terraform it. Since roaches are one of the most adaptable beings on this planet, they figured by sending the roaches, they will mold to the surface of the planet (sunlight would cleanse the atmosphere and produce oxygen through the mold), the roaches that survive would eat the dead roaches (which they do all the time), and the process would slowly terraform mars (which is far-fetched, but plausible… in a sci-fictiony sorta way).


So what didn’t the scientists think about when formulating this plan? EVOLUTION! And since this is one of the most adaptable and durable beings on earth, they didn’t factor in that the roaches would evolve into humanoid monsters. So, when earth finally decides to send a team, they are in for a huge shock!

From what I hear, this series is gruesome as fuck! The premise intrigues me, so I’ll check it out and come back with a reviewimage

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A Rant About The Demonization of Poor People in America.

I hate that in this country people have to apologize for being poor and hungry. I don’t know one person in their right fucking mind that actually thinks that less than $600 a month can sustain a family! Same goes for social security! These programs were implemented to help people survive in this country that values capitalism over it’s own constituents. 

The majority of people on these programs are either old, disabled, or working a minimum wage job! No one complains when these corporations get government subsidies (handouts) and don’t have to pay taxes! “Well, that’s just being a good businessman.” No that is stealing!

It is appalling and disgusting that this country doesn’t even provide or promote the education, training, and wages necessary to even sustain a decent lifestyle! It sickens me to absolutely no end!

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